Charmed Life

by The Runaway Catholics



Formed in 2008 The Runaway Catholics we're born from the imagination of singer/songwriter Brodie Dakin. Initially as a solo project, he wrote and performed these songs on acoustic guitar around the city. Over time, the songs yearned for fuller instrumentation and he decided it was time to form a band.

With the help of some sympathetic souls his sketches soon had an identity w/ each member of the band bringing in their own unique musical ideas. Many shows we're played around Toronto and they built up a loving fan base during their tenure. But we have now decided to call it a day to work on our own projects. Our debut CD is now available to download.

For more info please contact us at Much Love to our Family & Friends for all the support. XO

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released February 10, 2011

Recorded by Steve Savage.
Songs: Brodie Dakin
*except Suburban Blue: Brodie Dakin (Lyrics/Song) Runaway Catholics (Music) and Prologue: Brodie Dakin/Erin Munro.
Released 10 February 2011
Brodie Dakin: Vocals/Guitar
Shawna Sormin: Vocals/Piano/Organ
Erin Munro: Viola/Vocals/Piano
Dan Hickey: Drums
Evan Levy: Guitar
Craig Reid: Bass
Jamie Thompson: Flute
Dan Whistler: Guitar *Crazy Sorrows

Dedicated to Shannon Gibson & Julia Brackenburry



all rights reserved


Brodie Dakin Music Hamilton, Ontario

Sin City Social formed in 2003. We recorded 2 E.P's between then and 2004.. I then formed The Runaway Catholics in 2008. We recorded 1 full length album. I then released 3 solo E.P's and 1 full length entitled An Audience w/ The Winter Wolves. I am now recording a new album which will be released as 4 separate double A sides starting August 2017. ... more

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Track Name: Moments Denied
"I was sitting alone w/ these seeds being sown.
Wondering how i could have let you go.
Scared by the rush of your cheeks being blushed.
After several hours drinking our souls.

You came in a dream i don't remember seeing.
Too busy on the make than asleep.
Laughed at these shoes and my clumsy moves.
Funny then but the laughs are now few.

Please don't tell me where we went wrong.
You took our moments when fear was strong.
Did we ever believe we belonged.
Your bitter sonnets we're sung in song.

I was all too aware that i'd leave you standing there.
Like an image from an old story told.
There was nothing i could do fate had scripted you.
And you we're just the final blow.

Cling to your words for sanity's sake.
But you give more than i could take.
Feign a smile at my hopeless style.
Then brush me away w/ a quick denial."
Track Name: Suburban Blue
"Wandering the streets w/ a medicined mind.
Tongue twisted round your reasons to rhyme.
Shaded the warmth i sought in your eyes.
What could have been still haunts me inside.

Fond of your clever inhibitions.
Your words they dance w/ reckless precision.
Fighting through the dark to make a decision.
Finding little faith in all our divisions.

Lives in peril under shadowed moonlight.
Darkness hovers, no light in sight.
Worlds collided w/ beauty renewed
Curtain falls on our Suburban Blue.

Troubled w/ all your philosophies
Wrapped in a veil of imagery.
Hold on tight to your rosary.
That glows in the dark of a memory."
Track Name: Heart Melts (On The Edge Of This Sleeve)
"So richly you pour over all the reasons to why
Your once precious star has now forever declined
To act on your hopes to a future you saw wasn't right.
Still muttering words all muffled in casual lies
Staked all of these dreams
to a promise i knew you'd deny.

My turns of phrase, always out of place.
I'd ask you to stay but you'd go.

This mountain ahead, holds all of your pieces of mind.
Strong will carries on, but it barely even survived.
We gave in to chance,
of a doomed and hopeless romance
Maybe we could be friends,
Distant lovers or a casual glance.

My turns of phrase, always out of place.
I'd ask you to stay but you'd go.

Cold words we're your only disguise,
But a reply to your deny.
Heart Melts On The Edge Of This Sleeve,
Forgot to say please, to the eventual reprieve."
Track Name: Ghosts In Memories
"What worked for you wasn't for me.
Followed your design so dangerously.
Hung to a notion precariously.
Never believed in chivalry.

Resigned to clues made all too clear.
Romantic in me never caved in to fear.
The ground trembles beneath my feet.
Promises filled w/ lies and deceit.

Times in my mind when we said,
must be fate that we met.
Words they are spoken, as an elegy...
Now we're Ghosts In Memories.

Enchanted the evening w/ emerald eyes.
Mischevious smile that tickles the sky.
Furrow your brow as you talk of the past.
Played a fool in this game of chance.

Wisdoms you needed we're at my expense.
Days w/ laughter hardly make any sense.
You held on to me till your new love began.
Left w/ these feelings and no amends."
Track Name: Melody Of June
"Seen this face in it's many disguises.
Treading tender shallows, heartfelt surprises.
Promise of a dream i'll store away.
Through the days of uncertainty.

Alone here w/ the comfort of the moon.
And the Melody of silence in June.
Give but a glance we'd fall for romance.
Cares within grasp and tears at a distance.

Cold air sways in brisk Autumn swirls.
Dead heat of Summer now skin hued pearls.
Winters twilight hides beneath the hills.
Afraid of the swiftness Springtime chills.

Seasons do color, imagination flutters.
Covered eyes in wonder, sudden depths we plunder.
Ever so slowly to dispel the notion.
That every mistake is just a forward motion.

In one phrase you could delay
A single moment caught by fate.

Have you sussed the real to this imagined ordeal.
Or still twisting the appeal to how you must feel.
Lies and deceit have kept me at odds.
Cried in defeat to you one and all."
Track Name: Calliope & Me
"I'm sure i've felt this all before.
The melancholy of a closed door.
The burden's been me all along.
Took all my strength to carry on.
Was down on my luck till you came around.
A smile of such depth
my eyes just had to leave the ground.

Lost in the heavy rush of bliss
These days unfurl w/ a sense of mischief.
Wrapped my arms around a feeling
Feeling once thought was fleeting.

Calliope i miss you when your next to me.
Laugh at the world ever, ever so fancy free.
When words are given to be taken away.
The moments, the moment
Seems to last for days.
Calliope & Me
Footloose and fancy free."
Track Name: Charmed Life
"Curiously aroused w/ caution in your eyes.
You sway under a cold street light.
Fond discussions you play w/ your memory.
But nothing ever get's resolved.

The whims you once adored, on foolish feet performed.
Too clumsy to ever make amends.
Hold the highs, when momentum breaks free.
Curse the words telling lies.

Charmed Life the wind sets your sails
Hopes a feather caught in the wind.

Left w/ solemn wisdoms and remnants of a memory
Of a life that never needed to hide.
Take the rumors and smash them down the Blvd.
Breathing life into your heart of fire."
Track Name: France
"It's too easy feeling sorry for all the things i might have done intentional, intentional or not.
After photographs reveal the way seemed to enjoy the days spent alone, spent alone apart.

Bereft i feel towards the sun, it makes it easier to run to a guiltless, to a selfless ideal.
I'll surrender to old ways before the chance ever comes too close that we could, that we should get by.

Words we spoke in our soft parlance.
Whimsical hymns we dream of France.
These merrily ways are ours to seek.
These merrily days ours to keep.

Why deny you feel maligned that i took away all your time that you thought, that you we're satisfied.
If ever does come a chance where rapidly your heart does dance, take it far, take it far in advance."
Track Name: Crazy Sorrows
"Supposing we knew it would end this way.
Left in your eyes when i wanted to stay.
Nights of compassion, days w/ mistakes.
You lightened the dark, then turned away.

We carried our sighs in soft silhouettes.
Lost in the shadows we'd pirouette.
I'll disappear when it's time to forget.
The honesty shown to the bitter regret.

Your Crazy Sorrows spoke too soon.
Spoke of a promise that never came true.

Stared at the truth that you'd never be there.
To fend off the ghosts from the dares.
Heal the scars and temper the wares.
Of a broken heart too bare.

Held no allusion to what could have been.
Your 13th dream was shaded in green.
Words danced when time was serene.
Now in the heart of a memory."